Trigger new ideas with well researched academically verified models across multiple fields of study.


This new language requires the user to interact and interpret arbitrary symbols of creative thinking techniques.


Practicality and function married with beautiful shapes and colours take the user on a guided journey through the creative process.

Users are encouraged to combine their existing pool of knowledge, from beginner to expert,  with academically verified systematic processes and creative thinking techniques to generate and refine exciting new ideas and outcomes

Creative Design Process Model

Used for Designers, Artists, Writers, Filmmakers and creatives spanning the Creative Industries

Software Development Process Model

Created with software engineers, developers and computer enthusiasts in mind

Product Prototyping Process Model

Can be used to aid any industrial product development or engineering project

Scientific Hypothesis Process Model

This model aids scientists and students in the scientific field in creating and refining a theoritical hypothesis

Clinical Testing Process Model

Treating patients and creating drugs can be a lengthy process, this model helps medical scientists expand the treatment through creative thinking thinking techniques

Architectural Design Process Model

Want to become the next Zaha Hadid? This process helps students and professionals improve creativity in architectural fields

Engineering Design Process Model

Engineering students and young professionals will love this academically inspired engineering process model to help increase creative output